I want to be a Princess. Joé

I´m the first on the list to become a princess... I want it and i will not accept a ``no´´ for an answer Santa!! Santa Claus? do you get it?? This xmass I want to be a princess... even if it is just on the internet.

Alsoo, I want a Silver Sparkling Tiara and a beautiful heart wand, matching my long and glittering dress.

Are you interested in becoming a princess?? well add your name on the list because I go first... Maybe together, if we are enough friends and we ask Santa, the Three magic kings or Saint Nicolas over and over, we will achieve our princess´s titles as a Christmas gift!!

Princesses list: (add your name as a comment)

1. Marta Ortíz Baquero
2. Andrea
3. Gemma Inglés Cabezas
4. Violeta SG
5. Marta Rodríguez
6. Abril Barrero

8 comentarios:

Andrea dijo...

Me! I wanna' be a princess, too!! Please add me on your list, my dear friend :)


Please add me on your list the princess !! I love you !!

Anónimo dijo...

please add me on your list

Violeta SG dijo...

Add me plz!!! :)

Marta Rodríguez dijo...

I wanna be a princess too!!!!!

Abril Barrero dijo...

Please add me on your list the princess *:)

Anónimo dijo...


Isabel Alonso dijo...

Hi Marta!
I love your fantastic histories, please add me in the list